OR-Series Reserve Canopies
The Operational Reserve (OR) is an advanced 9-cell elliptical ram-air design that fully compliments the Military Silhouette (MS) main parachutes in size, glide performance and landing capability. The OR’s operational weight limits are also higher than a comparable 7-cell reserve in the same size range.The OR reserves were designed to meet the high demand for tactical 9-cell reserve canopies that support various airborne operations for solo jumpers outfitted with full combat equipment.Following years of development and refinement, the Operational Reserve in its various sizes has passed the strength tests and cutaway standards according to TSO-C23d requirements.
OR-Series Operational Reserve

  • Is rated to an all up weight (AUW) of 325-450 lb (148 – 204 kg)
  • Is HAHO & HALO capable of 35,000 ft (10,500 m) MSL
  • Has similar flight characteristics to MS 9-cell mains
  • Provides a powerful flare at landing


The OR-Reserves passed a series of proprietary evaluation tests for opening characteristics, flight stability, overall handling and landing performance. The result is a reserve canopy that exhibits performance parallel to the MS-Series main parachutes. Your mission will not be compromised in the event of a main parachute malfunction.

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