MM-Series Harness/Container
The Special Operations Vector Multi-Mission (SOV3-MM2) Harness/Container System is a state-of-the-art military
parachute system that easily converts to five (5) different deployment methods, making it the most versatile piece of parachute equipment in your inventory.

Five (5) Deployment Methods
The SOV3-MM2, with minimal reconfiguration, can support five (5) different deployment applications to fit your
ever-changing mission parameters.
1 Self-Set Drogue
2 Static Line Drogue
3 Double Bag Static Line (DBSL)
4 BOC Hand-Deploy
5 Over-the-Shoulder (OTS) Ripcord



MM2-Series Options

  • Eight (8) cargo attachment points
  • Eight (8) weapon stow loops
  • Oxygen hose guide loop
  • Seat sling attachment points
  • Static line clip pockets with integrated stow loops
  • Clear vinyl reserve pin cover with integrated AAD pocket
  • Skyhook RSL with integrated Collins Lanyard
  • Ballistic cloth leg pad covers

Additional Specifications

  • Emergency handles easily convert to either outboard or inboard positions on the MLW to facilitate easy access.
  • Drogue chutes available in 54 in (137cm) and 60 in (152cm) diameter sizes.
  • Zipper attachments on both container profiles for use with removable oxygen, radio and utility pouches; slip-on pockets also available.

Download Brochure

CPS-MP Product Brochure

MP Product Brochure

MP Product Brochure


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