Special operations often involve K9s for search, scouting and attack purposes. Having the ability to transport your K9 on airborne jump operations will broaden your unit’s mission capabilities. In addition, CPS has developed a K9 Jump Mannequin to provide realistic training operations in preparation for live K9 jumps.

  • The K9 Jump Bag is designed for the live K9 using a standard working harness
  • The K9 Jump Bag protects the live K9’s body, legs and feet from cold air on HAHO ops
  • The K9 Jump Bag protects the K9’s legs and feet from injury during the jump and landing
  • The K9 Jump bag can be jumped by a solo operator or in tandem configuration
  • The K9 Jump Mannequin simulates the size and bulk of a Malinois or Shepherd
  • The K9 Jump Mannequin is properly weighted at 62 lb (28 kg)
  • The K9 Jump Bag makes the K9 mannequin jump-ready
  • The K9 Jump Mannequin resembles a dog in the “crouch” or down position
  • A specially designed K9 harness is permanently fixed to the K9 Mannequin


Component Packages </strong >

K9 Jump Bag

  • – Medium (Malinois – 60 lb avg )
  • – Large (Shepherd – 90 lb avg )
  • – Available in black and multicam

K9 Jump Mannequin

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CPS-MP Product Brochure

MP Product Brochure

MP Product Brochure


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