Patriot3’s X-treme Protection Series (XPS) shield is high threat protection designed for maximum versatility, superb mobility, and ease of use. The XPS’s unique, US Patent protected design incorporates the first ever, Folding Ballistic Wings. The ballistic wings are added to provide a wide area of coverage beyond that of the base unit, and can be mechanically articulated. This mechanical articulation enables the XPS to pass through most doorways and then expand to resume its larger area of protection. The wings can be removed quickly to act as four independent ballistic shields on the NIJ III only.



XPS-G2 with Wings Deployed


  • Size: 28” x 74” (Base Unit)
  • Size: 62” x 74” (w/ Wings Deployed)
  • Front Wheels: 10” Solid Core Fixed
  • Rear Wheels: Casters with Brakes
  • NIJ Level III or IV available

XPS-G2 with Wings Retracted


  • LED Light System
  • Gun Ports
  • 18” Ballistic Wings
  • 18” Ballistic Wings w/ Viewports
  • Wing Handles (NIJ Level III Only)
  • Rolling Case


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