The Tactical Precision Rifle 3 was awarded at a tender by the US Special Operations Commands (SOCOM) based on its predecessors TPG-1 and TPG-2 together with FNH USA LLC. developed. The tender of the SOCOM’PSR 1` (Precision Sniper Rifle 1) aimed to introduce a sniper rifle with multi-caliber capabilities. Based on a modular design of the individual components of the weapon, the multiscale capability of the TPG-1 and TPG-2 versions has been further developed and modified for use under extreme conditions.
Aspects such as weight reduction and consistent repeatability of the results after running changes were implemented in the TPG-3. Special attention was paid to the development of the running profiles, which provide for the .338 Lapua Magnum progressive twist as an option, which guarantees small scattering distances, especially on long shooting distances.



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