SABER M700 Precision Rifle

The SABER M700 Precision Rifle features the highly accurate Remington Model 700 AAC-SD barreled action and X-Mark Pro trigger. The lightweight, low maintenance Ashbury MRCS-AR modular rifle chassis needs no epoxy bedding to provide great accuracy in this precision engineered rifle platform.​

Ashbury’s AR-inspired MRCS-AR modular rifle chassis features a Magpul CTR shoulder stock and ¾” cheek riser. The stock is mounted on a six position, MIL-SPEC carbine buffer tube, making it both telescoping and foldable with a double locking hinge.

The AR-styled modular octagonal aluminum hand guard features Magpul’s M-LOK® accessory attachment system and a forward mounted bipod stud. The MOE handgrip is adjustable for both distance and angle offering shooters a secure, comfortable grip. The SABER M700 Precision Rifle includes one Magpul PMAG® 5 7.62 AC™ detachable box magazine.

The SABER MRCS-AR modular rifle chassis has a durable MIL-SPEC 8625 black hard-coat anodized finish. The Remington Model 700 AAC-SD barreled action is finished with a black phosphate coating.



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