SEFR Sport-Tac

The Sport-Tac is offered online in .308Win, .223Rem or .300BLK with a heavy contour 20” 1-in-10 twist barrel with a Rifle Basix trigger set to a crisp 3½ lbs. The muzzle is factory threaded to 5/8-24TPI (to accept a flash hider, muzzle brake or direct thread suppressor) with thread protector. Your rifle is shipped directly to an FFL dealer of your choice in a Plano Rifle Case.

This SABER® Enhanced Factory Rifle (SEFR) combines the popular Remington 700 barreled action (.308Win, .223Rem or .300BLK) with a specially designed SABER modular rifle chassis system (MRCS). This traditional-styled, open forend rifle is an excellent choice for recreational shooting, hunting or practical tactical rifle competition.

The SABER MRCS is a significant step forward in the realm of the “man-machine” interface for modern bolt action rifles. Our chassis platforms require very little maintenance, require no bedding, are very comfortable to shoot, reconfigurable by the end user, enhance shooting accuracy and have low felt recoil in all calibers.

The SEFR Sport-Tac is an excellent value which can be easily upgraded to meet increased skills or new shooting requirements.



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