PHANTOMTM 3,000 psig High Capacity Portable Oxygen Consoles

Cobham expands its suite of parachutist oxygen equipment with its new design PHANTOM Oxygen Console, available in two configurations. The Ultra-High Capacity and the High Capacity Consoles incorporate input from numerous military users and meet STANAG 7056 requirements for Pre-Breathing.
The Ultra-High Capacity System includes three cylinders and can support up to 25 users. The High Capacity System, with a single cylinder design, supports up to 10 users.
Both systems, featuring a smaller footprint upright design, reduce aircraft cabin hazards while increasing space for additional equipment and stores. The design allows for ease of installation and distribution of Oxygen through a unique manifold design.
Composite cylinders are available in two configurations: aluminum lined for training missions, etc. or brass lined, which are the first in the world to be certified to the tumbling .50 gunfire tolerance requirements of MIL-DTL-7905. High


Key Features

  • High Oxygen storage capacity – 3,600 Standard Liters: Single Cylinder – 10,800 Standard Liters: Three Cylinders
  • Certified to STANAG 7056 requirements for Pre-Breathing
  • Heavy duty wheels simplify transport
  • Large pressure gages for increased readability
  • High flow quick disconnect for flexible distribution
  • Integral spare jump bottle storage
  • Two manifolds provided for use with 10 Jumpers (Additional manifolds available for expanded use)


Medium Oxygen

Maximum Fill Pressure: 3,000 psig


Training Systems (with aluminum lined cylinders)

Single Cylinder: 85 lbs empty (38.6 kg)

97 lbs filled (44.0 kg)

Three Cylinders: 165 lbs empty (75.0 kg)

200 lbs filled (90.9 kg)

Gunfire Certified Systems (with brass lined cylinders)

Single Cylinder: 105 lbs empty (47.7 kg)

115 lbs filled (52.3 kg)

Three Cylinders: 226 lbs empty (102.7 kg)

256 lbs filled (116.3 kg)


Single: 15” W x 17” D x 39” H (38 cm x 43 cm x 99 cm)

Three: 21” W x 20” D x 39” H (53 cm x 51 cm x 99 cm)


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