Setting the Standard
Cobham, committed to providing military parachutists with the best oxygen equipment to complete their missions in the safest, most efficient manner possible, has designed the PHANTOM oxygen suite from the ground-up with input from the world’s foremost military operators. Our collaborative approach, along with decades of expertise, allows us to continue to set the standard for parachutist oxygen.

Designed for “High Altitude Parachute Operations” HALO and HAHO missions, the PHANTOM Parachutist Oxygen System has become the US DoD system of choice and is universally compatible with legacy systems. Cobham's Parachutist Oxygen System leverages our core competency in high pressure gas management, and our experience of Working closely with operators and end-users around the world to develop next generation state-of-the-art Parachutist Oxygen Systems.

Producing free fall Parachutist Oxygen Systems for over 30 years, Cobham's customizable suite of life support equipment is designed to support the warfighter before, during and after the mission. A wide range of oxygen consoles are available to fit any mission profile; an automated test stand simplifies maintenance; and training is provided around the world.


Cobham Differentiators

  • Approved for use by the US Army, Navy and Air Force, the PHANTOM Oxygen Mask is the DoD system of choice with over 5,000 in use. The full suite of PHANTOM products can be easily configured to support any mission profile.
    One-man transportable console .
  • Console supports 25 users for 1+ hours IAW NATO STANAG 7056
  • Console utilizes gun-fire tolerant cylinders IAW MIL-DTL-7905
  • Console up-right design
  • Touch-screen console with upright design that tests masks, bailouts, and consoles, and stores all results
  • Console fully tests mask-mounted regulator in about 10 minutes with 1 touch
  • Full USG testing/qualification (see attachment)
  • 1000+ bailouts, 5000+ masks, 50+ consoles in use by USG
  • Fully releasable US Army Technical Manual (TM 10-1670-329-13&P)
  • 100 systems scheduled to be delivered to Indian Air Force Q2 2018 (via USG FMS)


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