Weighing in at just over 10 lbs, the MGA SAW K™ is six pounds lighter than the standard DOD squad automatic weapon.

Due to its small size, the MGA SAW K™ is the perfect choice for vehicle use, airborne operations, dense urban environments, and many other applications. The MGA SAW K™ also features a tunable recoil system that works by replacing the recoil spring with ether a stiffer or softer spring to adjust the op group return speed. This is far more efficient than using an adjustable gas block that can easily get carbon welded in place after extended firing and require tools to adjust.

Even when equipped with a red dot scope, infrared laser system, weapon light, and a 100 round ammunition pouch, the MGA SAW K™ still weighs less than a bare-bones, unloaded DOD squad automatic weapon.

Another feature common to all of our weapon systems is our M-4 butt stock adapter. This adapter puts the center line of the butt stock up in line with the bore, allowing the shooter to have a proper cheek weld and ultimately giving better recoil management by directing the energy into the shooter’s shoulder as opposed to over the shoulder which causes increased muzzle climb.


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