The MGA SAW CB™ is an extremely versatile system, functioning perfectly as a vehicle mounted medium machine gun with a 20” barrel for a maximum effective range, or a man portable squad support weapon with a 14” para barrel for increased maneuverability.

The MGA SAW CB™ features all of the standard upgrades as our lighter 5.56 version including MGA’s teflon receiver coating, a common operating group and trigger assembly (interchangeable with our SAW-K and SAW-5.56 ), and an M-4 buttstock adapter to improve recoil management and cheek weld.

We further improve the standard model by using a modern rail system for improved ergonomics, enlarged take down pins for ease in disassembly and a tunable recoil system to adjust the op group return speed, for perfectly dialed in reliability.

All MGA military models now include the multi caliber receiver option, allowing the use all listed calibers with the proper conversion kit.

The MGA SAW CB™ is 5 lbs lighter than a typically configured M60, and 9 lbs lighter than a typically configured M240.


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