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Trijicon Bright & Tough™ Suppressor Night Sights

Trijicon Bright & Tough™ Suppressor Night Sights are three-dot tritium iron sights that allow shooters the ability to line up their sights in both bright and low-light situations.While standard height sights do not provide an aiming solution when using a suppressed firearm,the additional height of suppressor night sights will clear the added height of a suppressor,allowing shooters the ability to line up their sights on target. Additionally, suppressor night sights
can be used as back up iron sights with the Trijicon RMR®.


The Trijicon ACOG Crossbow Scope is compact, lightweight, rugged, and battery-free.
Utilizing the same platform as the traditional ACOG, this crossbow optic is tough,
accurate, and reliable. The reticle is illuminated in any light by fiber optics and tritium.