NVS 9-3AG ANVIS auto-gated goggle enables pilots to operate their aircraft in the darkest flight environments. This goggle allows aviators to navigate at the nap of the earth, take off, land and perform other operations that are otherwise impossible at night without the use of a light source. The device has an auto-gated power supply for optimal performance in all light conditions.

Adjustable eyepieces provide improved eye relief of up to 25 mm, enabling excellent viewing regardless of the eyepiece positioning. Ergonomically designed interface controls, including interpupillary adjustments and vertical, fore-aft and tilt adjustments, allow improved viewing of the entire system field of view. The lightweight goggle can be mounted on a variety of aviator helmets. Newcon Optik’s expert team is able to ensure you select the right goggle for your aircraft and its cockpit lighting system.



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