NVS 15-3AG

The NVS 15-3AG auto-gated dual tube night vision goggle has been proven in deployments in conflict zones and by peacekeepers around the world. The model utilizes two advanced Gen 3 image intensifier tubes, with minimum, exportable FOM >1600 and an auto-gated power supply for optimal performace in all light conditions.

The device has a manual gain control system, built-in IR illuminator, auto shutoff mechanism and is fully MILSPEC. The unit provides users with full depth perception and is ideal for vehicle operation and any other dark environment task requiring acute situational awareness. It also allows for the detachment of the left or right eye device while the proprietary bridge mount provides for interpupillary and other fine adjustments. The NVS 15-3AG can be handheld, head or helmet mounted, while each individual monocular module can be mounted on a variety of weapon systems.



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