With the hunting silencer JSD-1 we offer, based on our many years of experience in the military and government sector, a silencer specially developed for hunting and sport applications.
Using titanium components, the Unique Alpine hunting silencer stands out for its ruggedness, durability and low weight

caliber 5,56mm-8mm, 8mm-9,5mm
diameter 40mm
length 210mm
Length change of the weapon 194mm
material Stainless steel tube, titanium damper core, titanium threaded and end cap
interface Thread M15x1, M17x1, M18x1, 5 / 8-24 UNEF, others on request
mass about 500gr
List price in Germany incl. 19% VAT 490 €
Modified multi-chamber system with primary expansion chamber.
The muzzle blast is attenuated by approx. 25 dB (depending on caliber, barrel length and ammunition used)
Shooting load The
design features and selected material used allow the JSD-1 to shoot up to 40 rounds per minute (.338LM), unlike aluminum constructions.
Rebound Reduction
The recoil and high shot of the weapon are pleasantly reduced.
The muzzle flash is significantly reduced by using the JSD-1. The dazzling effect of the shot is prevented.
The design of the JSD-1 allows to clean or replace parts of the silencer.
The JSD-1 has a connection by standard thread to the barrel of the weapon.
For maximum durability and safety, the JSD-1 uses only stainless steel special steel tubing. Caps and damper system are made of a high strength titanium alloy. The material mix ensures maximum safety and long service life with low weight.
All metal parts are treated by us in a process that guarantees corrosion protection according to the NATO standard AC225 / D14.
Due to the slim shape of the JSD-1 shooting over the sight and grain, is not affected.



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