Folding Ladder Deployed with Breaching Hooks Installed

Patriot3’s Bridging Ladder System (BLS) is multi-purpose, compact, light-weight, and portable aluminum ladder. The ladder may be used as a standard straight ladder, as a hanging ladder, or as an A-frame ladder. The unique feature though, is that it also may be used as a horizontal bridge. The BLS utilizes identical 2’ long sections which may be joined together with pins to create a ladder and/or bridge up to 12’ long. It is equipped with detachable breaching hooks which allow the ladder to hang on structures such as wall tops and window sills, thus eliminating the requirement of ground support. The breaching hooks double as spreaders to erect a 6’ A-frame ladder. Built-in stand-offs in each ladder section ensure adequate toe-reveal when the ladder is resting directly against a wall or other structure.



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